Tuesday, May 14, 2013

i'm loving...


i signed up a couple of months ago, and i LOVE it!
it is definitely as good, if not better than google reader!
well actually, it is better... i'd never been able to find a way to comfortably read blogs on my phone before bloglovin and now i can!
it's brilliant!

i love that it syncs between the online version and the mobile version, so if i read some posts on my phone before bed, and then i read some posts on my laptop at breakfast, i'm not having to skip through posts i've already read!

oh, and they have a next button type function, just like google reader, but better, because it tells you how many posts you've got left to read.
sheer brilliance!

have you found your alternative to google reader? or did you never use google reader to begin with?


Rachelle said...

I use Bloglovin combined with Pinterest in order to tag posts I want to refer to later. I prefer Reader's tag system, but this is a good compromise

RobynLouise said...

Thanks to you, and a couple of other blogs I follow, I tried Bloglovin and I also find it better than Google reader. It's so easy to use as well.
Cheers, Rob