Tuesday, May 15, 2012

kicking goals

last friday, i set myself a few goals to have done as soon as humanly possible.
well i've got some goals met people!
first up...

my tenth beanie festival beanie, is done and dusted! well i still haven't sewn the ends in but pish! later!
and also...

i'm well over halfway through my second bamcal square for the month! in fact, this one only needs a row of single crochet and it's done! i think i can get this one finished and hopefully the last as well.
that means tomorrow i'll get to open up and play with my delicious package of cottons!

happy days :D

what have you been achieving lately?


ARTwendy ... said...

Can't believe you have that much self control to not even open the package!! You are good ...

Sally said...

Woo-hoo indeedy. Did you say new cottons???