Wednesday, May 16, 2012

making it a habit.

no, not knitting or crochet... that's clearly already a habit for me ha ha!

over the last few weeks, i've been trying to make my health a priority.
i've been getting up before work, or just a bit earlier on my days off, and dragging my sorry butt to my local gym. bb and i joined up when he first started at his post-uni job as the rates were quite good but sadly, we have not really gotten our moneys worth over the years.
well i'm getting there now ha ha!
i'm working on a couch to 5k program on the treadmill. this one in fact. and i'm actually finding it quite good!

the first few weeks were quite easy and smooth for me as i took the advice of the program and ran at the slowest speed i could. this fourth week has been a bit harder... but not impossible, i'm enjoying 'feeling the burn' ha ha!

i started the program to increase my fitness a little and to see if i could form the gym habit, and i'm so excited that both are happening!

i've also started to try and improve on the quality (and quantity) of food that i'm eating too which is making me feel pretty great on the inside! it's also having the added benefit of shifting some of the extra kilos i've been carrying around which is never a bad thing either!
now if i could just get a handle on these migraines that are kicking my behind every month, i'll be a lot smilier :D

what have you been up to lately? how are you kicking the (pre)winter blues?

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