Monday, May 7, 2012

meal planning monday.

monday again? goodness me!
well here goes the planning for the week then...

tonight, i've gotten one of the hundreds of portions of bolognaise sauce out of the freezer, so i'll be cooking up some pasta to have with that!

tuesday night is date night!! i'm hoping to drag bb off to he local mexican restaurant! i'm in the mood for some nice spice!

wednesday night i'll be heading into the city! it's my parent's wedding anniversary and they've got a family get together planned on southbank! need to remember to behave as i have a big day of work the next day!

another meal from the freezer on the cards for thursday. this time, some osso bucco! i'll dress up some rocket and cook up some pasta. nice and easy :D

friday, i'm working late again! i think i'll pop a curry in the slow cooker. i like to make sure bb has some food to come home to after work! i didn't have anything planned last week, but i ended up making up some fresh pesto and having a big bowl of pesto pasta waiting for him when he got home (a big bowl for lunch kept me going all day at work today too!)

saturday is another big day of work for me so i'll be delegating the cooking to bb! hopefully he'll come up with something delicious...

another day at work, ho hum! i think i'll ask bb to pop on a roast! maybe a rolled pork roast? yep, that'll do it! love a sunday roast!!

what are your meal plans for the week? or even just general plans?

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becclebee said...

I love the idea of meal planning monday.I am such a meal planner normally. I delight in cooking and used to go through my fav cookbooks and plan out the week (and the week's grocery list). Things are a bit different now-a-days (my hubby is so NOT a meal planner, and he does all the grocery shop and at present most of the cooking!). But I still love to do some meal planning when I get the chance...

Your list of meals sound delightful!