Tuesday, May 22, 2012


i seem to be having one of those weeks this week... you know the one, where nothing quite goes to plan and everything is a little haphazard?
yup, that one... i'm refusing to let it get me down though.
so what if the washing basket is overflowing? so what if there are dirty dishes? so what if the tiles are in desperate need of a mop and i don't have a meal plan for the week and rent is due and, and, and...
nope, not getting me down!
besides... i have this pretty thing to look at now!

i FINALLY put together my bunting swap flags on saturday and hung them above our lounge room window. i can't believe just how cheerful they make the place :D
how's your week going so far?


ARTwendy ... said...

I love bunting too ... in fact put your name down & you may end up with some of mine too ...xx

Cas said...

yay for happy bunting :) you should visit my place. the washing is ALWAYS overflowing, the floor ALWAYS grubby, dishes NEVER cleared and and and....hope tomo the sun shines & its a clearer day :) cheers

Dee said...

They look great ! It was a great blogging/craft swap wasn't it ?