Tuesday, May 8, 2012

crafty happenings.

at the moment, i've got a fair few things on the go... they're all wooly and delicious and they're just at that tipping point of having too many things happening at once and feeling overwhelmed, and having enough things in progress so that i don't get bored.
it's a thin and fragile line my friends!

i'm still plodding along with my granny stripe

and i whipped up another beanie. this one makes nine, only one to go!

i've got some squares to add to my bamcal blankie. and a few more to make actually...

and i was a bit naughty and cast something onto my big circular needles. this in fact... bb has yet to cotton on to the fact that i haven't started his promised jumper... if he asks i'm still looking at patterns ok?

and speaking of cottons... i've just ordered myself some more from here. in a few different colours this time too... when it arrives i'll be whipping up some more dishcloths for sure!

what crafty happenings have you been up to recently?

1 comment:

Cas said...

loving the granny stripes nicole :) a very busy knitter you have been indeed! cheers