Tuesday, May 1, 2012


woah! quickest month ever? i think so!

i think i did pretty well on my goals for april. i got two more cupboards painted in the kitchen (bb helped, which was lovely), i got the pictures hung AND i got my bamcal squares done too!
i've only just realised that i haven't blogged them... good work there nicole!

c so here they are, the patterns are on my ravelry page!

i didn't quite get to that quilt that i was planning, due to the bank wanting me to pay off my credit card. how rude! i really need to stop forgetting about the whole bills thing, sometimes i am quite unorganised!

but what about may?
in may, i'd like to get the final two cupboards in my kitchen painted. fingers crossed i have a weekend or two off to get them done :D

i've also got the may bamcal to do, and i'm thinking of ordering some more cotton to make some more wash cloths.

i have also promised bb a knitted jumper. big words for someone who hasn't ever actually knitted a garment before... ho hum!

i've also got two beanies to get finished, and maybe i'll make a skirt too! there was a skirt in the lisette pattern, maybe i'll make that one!

oh and that quilt i was banging on about, yeah maybe i'll get to that too ha ha!

what are your plans for this month?

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CurlyPops said...

Yes yes make a skirt!!!