Monday, May 14, 2012

meal planning monday.

today is monday and that means one thing, meal planning!
last week's meal plans kind of fell apart! we had take-away a couple of nights, and i blame the fact i didn't have something bubbling away in the slow-cooker, ready to come home to!
but this week, i'm armed with a new weapon...

i bought this book yesterday in my lunch break, on the recommendation of this lovely lady and boy will it get a workout this week!
i'd been feeling a little uninspired with my slow cooker, having cooked the same dozen or so recipes several time. not this week!
i am well and truly back on the slow-cooker bandwagon, i mean, i've already got more than a dozen bookmarks in the book already!

tonight, i'm actually taking something from the freezer, the osso bucco i was going to defrost last thursday. tonight's the night for that one. some pasta and maybe some fresh rocket. don't feel bad for the slow-cooker though, it cooked my mum and i a lovely lunch this morning, stuffed tomatoes (page 65)! we went for a walk while it was still cooking and bought some fresh crispy bread. so yummy!

tomorrow night, bb's brother will be here for dinner. i'll be cooking tex mex beef (page 159), like kuka! i'll grab some tortillas and make some fresh guacamole :D should be delicious and the two boys should love it!

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll have a lovely dinner guest and we'll be having butter chicken (page 89)! with some fluffy rice of course.

thursday night will be sausage in onion gravy (page 157). after a long day of work, i think this will be perfect and delicious comforty food. yes indeedy :D

friday night is a late night at work for me. i think i'll grab something scrummy from the food court in my lunch (dinner) break, and leave bb to fend for himself. i've discovered 9pm is wayyyy too late for me to be having dinner!

saturday i have the entire day off from work so i might leave saturday to chance... maybe we'll eat out, maybe we'll cook something together, the possibilities are endless ;)

the main reason i want to leave saturday unplanned is so that on sunday morning, we can wake up to rancher's eggs (page 71)! the more i read this recipe, the more i can't wait to try it! i'll let you know how it goes... and as for dinner, heck maybe we could have a sunday roast. i think i'll leave bb in charge of that one though, only fair when i've got the rest of the week taken care of!

so what are your meal plans for the week?
pop over and visit the fabulous ppmj to get inspired :D

ps. sorry eric, no recipes links this week as they're all from my new book :D highly recommend it though! xo

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh, I think I need this book! I have two slow cooker books - one is the original Margaret Fulton CrockPot Cookery, my ultimate op-shop find - and another that seemed ok when I bought it, but doesn't inspire me. Your list does - YUM!