Friday, May 11, 2012

making plans.

on tuesday, i went through all the crafty stuff that i'm working on...

and then this morning, this arrived...

so now i'm setting myself some crafty goals before i even open this little bag of cottony goodness!

before opening my new cotton package... i'd like to finish beanie number TEN (i've started casting it on), and also get my bamcal squares done (i'm almost finished the first of three) so probably mid next week i think :D

do you have any crafty goals?

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becclebee said...

yay! new stash wool, how lovely!

and I think crafty goals are great. I have such a long list of things I'm planning on making - if only I had more time. I'm trying to focus on one-at-a-time crafting, to see that I actually get around to finishing somethings, but I always have so many new ideas in my head!