Monday, November 7, 2011

my favourite frock.

i thought i'd play along with my place and yours this week. i did mean to play along last week, but the week just went way too quick!
in any case, this is my favourite frock. or piece of clothing.

a watermelon coloured spotty dress. i love the way it's shaped. i think it's quite complementary too, hugs in alllll the right places.
i bought this pretty piece second hand last year at a market. it's had some repairs aaaaaaand it still needs a good dye (it's on my to-do list, and it's getting quite close to the top!)

also, this is my song for the day.

i heard it on the weekend over dinner and a big stupid grin came onto my face as i sang every single word. i remembered how much i loved it :D

what's your favourite outfit?


Jackie said...

It looks really nice and doesn't even look like it needs a dye job.

Cathie said...

that really does suit you! colour is great ♥

Vic said...

Oooh, that's purty! YOU are purty! ;)

I love how music can do that to you; I was listening to something a couple of days ago & was so surprised that I had left it so long before giving those tunes a spin - not only do I love them as much as ever but they manage to transport you back to whenever they were most prominent in your life & revive memories you totally forgot you had.

Lea said...

great dress..great song!