Monday, November 21, 2011

silly self portraits.

yep i'm a few days behind. my mind has been up there with getting these posts written, but my body has been doing 38023749 other things. bad body!
like last month, i'm not going to be too hard on myself though, i'll get there :D

on saturday night, i spent the night home alone, so decided to finally move all my important files from my old laptop to my new one. so today i thought i'd share 3 years worth of silly self portraits that i unearthed from the photobooth album on my old laptop.
narcissism is gooooooooo!

i might be back later to play catch up!

hope you've had a great weekend!!


Cathie said...

very cute self portraits! love the beanie one especially ♥

ARTwendy ... said...

i love these! I am so going to have a play on picnik ... thanks for the heads up!