Monday, November 28, 2011

still to go...

today's 30 days hath november topic is 'a skill i'd like to learn'
where do i start!?!
how about with gocco?

definitely something i want to get into, start up costs be damned!

after gocco, how about some resin casting?

yep, definitely want to get in on that action too!

what about quilting?

i've had a quilting pattern stuck in my head the last couple of days and managed to get it down on paper. now to get a cutting mat, rotary cutter and complimentary quilting cottons. well it's on my to-do list ha ha!

and last on my immediate list is felting.

my mum owns a very grumpy cashmere goat that sheds all of it's fleece every year. i'd like to do something productive or even pretty with it :D

now to find the time to acquire the necessary items, and then use them. maybe i'll ask for time from santa...
by the way, click on the pictures for their original links :D

what's a skill (or four) that you'd like to learn?


Maxabella said...

Sewing. Definitely sewing. I suck at sewing but darn if I don't wish I could every single day. The only thing holding me back at the moment is time. To sew, I would need to give something else up... and you know what's first in line, don't you!!?

Thank you for your kind words on my post tonight, Nicole. I really appreciate your support and straight-talking. My kind of gal!! x

ARTwendy ... said...

i love your choices .... have done some felting & adore the tactile nature of it ... mmm me too on the gocco & resin ... quilting is really just a whole lot of maths mixed in with fabric choices! great stuff