Friday, November 18, 2011

my family.

this is my family. my mum (who i introduced you to yesterday), my dad, my brother and my bb.

we were all frocked up for my graduation in april and they're pretty awesome if you ask me.

i came home from running some errands this morning and there was a package sitting on my doorstep. would you like to see what was inside?

an amazing box of goodies from my op-shop swap partner, yvette. isn't she lovely!!!

i've been wearing this little cutie since i opened it up!

receiving this today made me realise i hadn't gotten started on yvette's goody box! very slack of me! i popped over to the oppy and have gotten almost everything i need, i just need to make a couple of things and i'll be done!

also, this is what i was wearing to run my errands and do my op-shopping.
maxi dress + hot weather = summer is coming!

the dress i bought from a shop in richmond and i'm pretty sure the rest of the accessories were thrifted :D

what are you up to today?


Yvette Adams said...

Hello family! I can't work out what bb stands for LOL.

Oh the ring looks great on you! Especially with those beautiful nails! And look, sounds like you did well at the oppie today!

Lea said...

What a delightful little package. LOVE the book!

Jody Pearl said...

Oh WOW - Yvettes on the ball and looks like you scored well - LOVE the ring!

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