Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 years ago.

i have a terrible memory. heck, it's one of the reasons i started blogging. so when i read day four's topic (3 years ago today) for thirty days hath november, i knew i was in a world of trouble.
thankfully, 3 years ago today, i was a pretty big facebook addict so it was just a matter of scrolling through all my past facebook posts to today's date, three years ago.

and this is what i was up to.
barack obama won the us election and i'm pretty sure i cried during his speech.
i moved house from a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in the inner city, to a sprawling 3 bedroom house in the outer eastern suburbs. i actually think that was the day that we cleaned up and took the keys back to be honest.
apparently we also set up our internets. i'm pretty sure there was an unsecure wireless network somewhere around us that we were using to actually sign up for our internet plan...

from the look of the statuses before and after these ones, i was pretty heavily in the midst of studying for my first year end of year exams. and it wasn't going very well...

how's your memory, what were you up to 3 years ago today?

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