Thursday, November 24, 2011

8 things.

a list of 8 things that some people probably already know about me.

- i'm terrible at sitting still. in fact it's probably the biggest reason i get so much crochet and knitting done.
- i enjoy wearing large rings. the bigger the better. it's considered quite the comedy act at work.

my newest ring purchase. made by the clever girls at finikigirl.

- if i was born a boy, i would've been called drew. when i was told this at the age of 12, i refused to answer to nicole, only drew.
- i have developed a very expensive and unhealthy relationship with shellac. i am forever spouting it's amazing abilities :D see above picture for evidence!
- i prefer savoury to sweet, 90% of the time.
- i enjoy cooking dinner. i like providing delicious food for myself and my bb. i hate cleaning up after said cooking though. dishes urgh!
- i watch wayyyyyy too much tv.
- i can NOT wait to put up my christmas tree. i am hanging out!

care to share 8 things about yourself that most people don't know about you?

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