Thursday, November 10, 2011

my creative space.

late night creativity happening over here. a big day of exercising and houseworking this morning, then a little pampering and then a long afternoon of work. i got home and cooked dinner and now it's time for a little bit of relaxing crafting in bed. oh and watching medical dramas. re-lax-iiiiiiiiing!

lots of long rows of plain stitches. baaaaaack and forth. baaaaaaack and forth.

more creative spaces over here

oh and for today's 30 days hath november topic, 'what i love about my job'...

i love that i can wear pretty shoes. and get my nails done and not destroy them at work.
and while i'm not always particularly fond of working in a shopping center (i have NO idea what the weather is doing, it could be 100 degrees or teeming with rain and i'd have no idea!), i kinda love that i can head to work a bit early and get my nails done and buy pretty shoes (even if it does cancel out any money i might actually earn in a shift...)

oh, i'm pretty fond of the people i work with too. they're a bit of all right :D

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Vera Reyniers said...

Good choise ! You bought the same shoes I had, they walk ooh so soft and easy
There is something in the heel that works like a spring to avoid to stress your knees
You gonna love them !