Monday, November 21, 2011


i may have mentioned once or twice before, just how damn terrible my memory is. what that means is that when i'm asked to blog about a childhood anecdote i struggle majorly!
perhaps i'll amalgamate today's topic with day 22, 'some place i've travelled' as that is something i can remember.

in 1996, my parents, my younger brother and i hitched up our little pop-top caravan and made our way across the nullabour (with a quick stop in broken hill for some reason...). the sole purpose for our trip, apart from seeing the sights of course, was to visit my auntie who lived in perth.

we were in perth for the sum total of 11 days and it rained, every, single, day (which coincidentally made for excellent olympics viewing weather). it also rained almost our entire trip across the nullabor, apparently we were excellent drought breakers :D
looking at the weather report, mum and dad decided that rather than trek back across the nullabor with more rain expected, that perhaps we should head to somewhere with a bit better climate. so back in the car we piled and up the west coast of australia we went!
i got to feed a dolphin at monkey mia, went for an amazing glass bottom boat trip in coral bay and spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling burrs out of my feet in broome. i celebrated my 8th birthday in kununurra (on the border of wa and nt), but instead of a cake, we had a watermelon that we picked off the side of the road and shared with all the other kids in the caravan park. we kayaked along katherine gorge and spent a very eventful night at the daly waters pub. we missed out on seeing uluru due to a poorly timed bout of gastro (not so fun when you have to use communal toilets, that are over 200m away!)

so very many km's in the back of that car. so many nights spent in a caravan. so many happy memories :D

do you remember any childhood anecdotes?

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