Thursday, November 3, 2011

my creative space.

today my creative space feature a box full of bear bits. well it's not quite full, but it's slowly getting there. i've been adding a couple more bits every now and then.

maybe i'll have them all made sometime soon and be able to share a fully assembled bear :D
more creatives spaces, over this way!

and while i'm at it, the third day of 30 days hath november, requires something that you can't leave the house without. i was tempted to write something like, my bra or underwear, but didn't much fancy taking a photo for you all. i was also tempted to go the philosophical route and say a smile, or a sense of humour, but some days i do forget to take those with me, in fact, some days i don't know where to find those things!
the truth is, the thing i can't leave the house without...

is my iphone. i'm a hopeless addict. it helps me feel and be connected to all of those that i love (and the entire world!) at the push of a button. i would be truly lost without it!

what can you not leave the house without?


CurlyPops said...

I'm completely addicted to my phone too. I must have it in my pocket at all times (even when I have my pj's on)!

Sailor July said...

I can't leave the house without: my wallet (it's in my pocket - everywhere I go!) My lip gloss or lipstick (whether it's mine or my wife's!) a ponytail holder (I hate having my hair down, it's so long and long hair + wind = eeeek) and finally, my wife! We always, always, always shop together!