Monday, June 16, 2014

not meal planning monday.

normally, on a monday, i'm sitting down to write a meal plan for the week...
not today though!

today, i took a little drive to the bendigo woollen mills, to explore their backroom.

now i have about a zillion knitting ideas floating in my brain!

thankfully i'm heading down to the farm this week and will have LOTS of knitting time!

and as for dinner... pizza has been ordered! oops!

what are your food plans for the week? have you ventured to the bendigo backroom?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I never meal plan. I do my best to just cook with what I've got on hand. And have my stand-bys that are always quick and easy and yummy! Have fun with the yarn. And have a wonderful week. Tammy

Megan said...

I am craving fried rice at the moment. Thinking I might try make a batch tomorrow. Buying it would be easier.. but I (might be) good. Enjoy your farm time!

Mistea said...

Help I need to go back to Bendigo and get some more of those little balls of 4ply! I just got the Persian dreams pattern and it has 14 colours.
Of course I could just go to Unwind and buy lots of luxury!