Friday, June 6, 2014

lush love.

looking around at the little clusters of beauty products around the house, in the shower, on my dresser, in the medicine cabinet, i noticed the other day, that everything is getting a little black and white...

with every product i buy, my love for this brand grows and grows!
i love that their products are made fresh, and have an expiry as well as the name of the person that made them.
i love that their packaging is no frills, and non-virgin (meaning that they're made from recycled products) and that they look, well cool.
i also love that they smell amazing! and leave my skin feeling super nice and silky and smooth.

while bb and i were up in sydney, i picked up a few more new (to me) products...
the ultrabland cleanser, which is a cleanser you apply and remove, WITHOUT water, is kind of blowing my mind.
i am known to be very lazy when i'm on my way to bed, i KNOW i should be washing my face before climbing into bed. washing off the day and all that. but generally the last thing i want to do is splash my sleepy self all over with water (no doubt cold, our plumbing is terrible and old!), and get all woken up again!
the ultrabland cleanser solves that problem, it goes straight on, and then is wiped off with a cotton pad or warm flannel (i run one under as hot a water as i can stand, and then wring the living daylights out of it).
it's also super effective at getting rid of make up! i was wearing bright red lip stain the other day, gone in no time! loving it!

the other product i picked up, was the toothy tabs.
they're little tablets that you crunch up with your front teeth, and use instead of toothpaste!
they sounds a bit weird, but they work just as well as toothpaste out of a tube, but without the used tube of toothpaste ending up in landfill!
they come packaged in easily recyclable cardboard, too simple!

oh and don't even get me started on the dream cream... or that eye cream actually, or any other product to be honest. i love them all!

do you love lush? what are your favourite of their products?

EDIT: i realise this post sounds a bit sponsor-y... but it's not sponsored. i've bought all these products with my own coin (with the exception of the shower gel, that was a christmas gift from bb's brother and sister in law. it smells DIVINE by the way). i just seriously adore these products!

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