Sunday, June 8, 2014

sunday snippets.

i'm joining in with tinniegirl today with her sunday snippets...

i'm adding in some words though, because i can't resist sharing a story (or 5)...

roller skating.

not going to lie, i had a very sore behind not long after i took this snap. the ground and i had a very sudden and rude meeting when i tried to roll from asphalt to concrete.
i'm super keen to get back on the skates though, hopefully this weekend!

he's staked his claim...

on the blankie that isn't even CLOSE to being finished yet! suuuuuuuuch a #jerkcat!

foggy foggy fog fog.

pulled out of my driveway to this on monday morning... most definitely DID want to turn around and go back to bed ha ha!

a mid-week cocktail and magazine.

i was in the city for a work meeting and decided to take advantage of the location... a quick trip to here for the magazine, and then a cheeky cocktail while i waited for bb to finish work. it was lovely!

and finally, a snap from our trip to sydney last weekend...

couldn't resist the opportunity for a snap out the front of the opera house, the harbour bridge in the background, getting my knit on. so cool!

pop over and share your sunday snippets with tinniegirl!

1 comment:

Sally said...

Rollerskates!!! Brilliant.

Adoring that photo of you knitting in Sydney :)