Sunday, June 1, 2014


it is halfway through the year and it still feels like january! well it doesn't weather-wise, but you know what i mean...
where has the first HALF of this year gone?

my main goals this month were to finish off projects that i was halfway through as well as get some beanies sent off to the beanie festival...
i sent off 7 beanies to the festival (albeit a little late... different due dates on the entry form and website had me totally confused, but hopefully they get there safe and sound!). i actually had 9 ready to go, but sold one on instagram as i was knitting it and gifted another to bb's mum! at least i get to know they'll DEFINITELY be enjoyed!
the other projects i wanted to get finished were a cowl i was test knitting (which has been released, so i'll share in the next few days) and this beauty! there was also mention of some sock knitting, which hasn't happened at all! i haven't even touched them!

i was also hoping to get a few seeds planted and growing which hasn't happened either... these short days are kicking my butt a bit!

i also got busy on a blankie like georgie's too!

june is going to be an interesting month for me, as i am taking almost two WHOLE weeks off from work! my parents are off adventuring and i am farm sitting for them! i am super excited!! two weeks of no work responsibilities and lots of farm time!
the only down side is that my mum won't be there ha ha!

i have grand intentions of doing LOTS of knitting, gardening and baking! and little else except for looking after the animals.

oops, except spinning! i also intend to give that a crack!
bb gifted me a spindle for christmas and i have barely touched it. i feel like this is a skill i really need to give myself some real mental space to be able to have a good crack at it. i see myself getting SUPER frustrated with it if i'm feeling rushed or distracted!

what are you plans for june? are you in shock about the fact that it's june too?


Lyndel said...

totally not sure where 1st 1/2 2014 has gone! I've been to Europe and Back and ..... wow. I know you'll enjoy your Country Break.

Sally said...

Two weeks on a farm sounds SO good. Yes - these short days are a bit of killer aren't they... so many good intentions but then all of a sudden its dark and time to curl up in bed.

Hope your beanies made it safe and sound too... good luck.