Tuesday, June 24, 2014


today i've been on holidays for a week.

today i'm back home after driving a friend to a hospital in town. i'm waiting for the call to let me know he's all done and ready to go home.

today i'm catching up. on episodes of masterchef and unread blog posts. the internet on the farm is not the greatest so i'm taking full advantage of the bandwidth while i'm home.

today i'm trying to take one thing at a time. and to get out of my head about all of the things i WANT to get done while i'm off from work. my own expectations of what i should be getting done are kind of driving me batty.

today i'm regretting taking all of my tea to the farm with me. it's a horrible day outside and it's the perfect weather for a big mug of tea!

today i cast on the second sock for my cousin. i finished the other last night and didn't want to linger with the second. no second sockitis happening over here thanks!

what are you up to today?


Lyndel said...

relax, you are supposed to be on 'holiday'. I baked a cake!!

Melanie said...

Today I watched the crazy blustery weather and hoped it wouldn't bring down any of our trees. One of the neighbours' trees came down instead - over our fence and took out two of our smaller trees. I should be more specific in what I hope for!

Megan said...

Ignore the 'should'! It's holidays. How long are you on a break from work for? It's so nice to escape to the country for a while isn't it.

Today, as you saw on insta I baked danishes! And had a friend over for morning tea.