Monday, June 2, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday, monday, time for a meal plan!

tonight, i'm going to roast up some salmon fillets. salad. chips. perfection.

tomorrow night, i'll whip up some of jamie's slow-roasted pork ragu. should go perfectly with some pasta. yum!

i'll be in the city for a work meeting on wednesday, so i might grill up some steaks when i get home. serve them up with chips and steamed vegies. quick and easy and delicious. that's assuming bb and i don't stop somewhere on our way home for dinner ha ha!

thursday night, i might put together another jamie meal, sweet pea fish pie this time.

friday, i'll be working and therefore slow cooking. i think i'll whip up satay chicken again. i didn't actually eat any of it last week, but bb said it was delicious so i'm a bit keen to try it for myself ha ha!

saturday night, i'll leave open, i'm not sure of our plans at this stage! maybe we'll got out, and if not, i'll try for this recipe again. we ended up catching up with some friends last minute last week. it was awesome!

sunday night, i might put together some of jamie's crispy pork tacos. lots of jamie recipes this week, but it should really help to get through all the leftover roast meats in our freezer ha ha!

who writes your favourite recipes to cook with? what are you eating this week?

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