Thursday, June 5, 2014

my creative space.

this week, not surprisingly, i've been getting my knit on...

though not on the cape i posted about on tuesday... i've decided to keep that for days when i am at home, and can give it the full attention it needs and deserves!

so in the mean time, i've been swatching... and then washing and blocking said swatch... sounds completely unlike me no?

well i am having another crack at the socks for my lovely cousin...

i decided the previous one was far too small, after my cousin sent me her foot measurements. it was what i had suspected all along!
i'm not going to lie, i'm a bit scared i might be going in the other direction with this one, and that it might be too big... but i'll finish it i guess and see what happens...

better to be too big than too small right?

how do you go getting knitted socks to fit? what are you creating this week?

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kgirlknits said...

It's been years of trial and error for me, getting socks that fit! I think I've finally found the right needle size/stitch count (for me). I used 2.5mm and 54-60sts, depending on the pattern's stretch factor.

Stick with it though - socks that are a little big are lovely house socks, so never a waste ;)