Wednesday, June 4, 2014

green love.

i can't help but feel like, at this time of the year, i'm doing a lot more noticing in the garden, than actually doing...

like noticing these little guys popping up their heads.

i planted four beans in this box out the front, and have a way better success rate than the ones i planted in the backyard, 3/4 in comparison with 1/4.
seeds are funny, fickle things.

my pineapple doesn't seem to be minding this change of weather at all...

it looks as though it's grown quite a bit since here. love being able to track things like this with my blog!

i'm also noticing how few leaves are left on trees everywhere...

it truly is winter now!
i've got plans to take this little guy down to the farm with me later in the month.
i've got the perfect position ready, i'll just keep my fingers crossed for a little sunshine to get to digging a hole big enough to fit it in!
after 7 or so years cooped up in this pot, it's well and truly time to let this cherry tree do it's thing in the ground!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? what changes are you noticing?

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