Wednesday, June 11, 2014

green love.

a bit more noticing happening this week...

noticing a little friend on the bush next to the front door.

can you see him?
he was inhabiting the little watering can on my front step, but i thought he'd enjoy himself more on this plant.

while i was out the front, i also noticed the first flower of my grape hyacinth.

the shoots popped up ages ago now... so it's nice to finally see some pretty flowers.

i was walking home the other day, coming in through the backyard, when i noticed how much the jasmine back there has GROWN!

a few months ago now, bb gave both this plant, and the one growing out the front, a massive trim. and both plants have responded like all creepers seem too, grow like crazy!
i love it!

to be truthful, the thing that caught my eye was the BACK view...

i love that all this jasmine is growing through the fence and into the back lane... the ivy on the adjoining fence, and my passionfruit vine on the opposite side are doing the exact same thing! greening up fences is so fun!

what are you noticing in your patch at the moment? do you like to cover boring fences in greenery too?

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