Wednesday, May 28, 2014

green love.

i haven't had a lot of opportunity over the last few days to get out and about in my little garden, but that doesn't mean that things aren't growing...

my beanstalk is getting bigger!

as is the passionfruit growing on the fence...

i'm getting a bit sad about this little guy because bb and i are looking to move soon and i'll most likely be leaving it behind!
it's really only just recovered from the last time i moved it so i'm a little hesitant to dig it up and bring it with us...

and finally, my big planter box has lots of life growing in it at the moment!

onions in the foreground there, a chilli plant in the middle (which keeps getting destroyed by possums, poor thing), garlic right in the back there, and pak choy peppered throughout.
i've finally put two and two together to work out why that pak choy is everywhere! i let the pak choy i was growing last year go to seed, so i could harvest seeds from it to grow again this year, and some of those seeds must have fallen into the garden bed, lying dormant until conditions were right!
a happy coincidence because i most definitely do not have my shit together at this point in time and haven't even thought about throwing pak choy seeds in the ground!

i am a little inspired by this though and am contemplating throwing some spinach seed around those onions... maybe once the onions are a little more established and there's a few more hours in the day (ha!)

what's growing in your patch at the moment?

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