Tuesday, May 13, 2014

in a pickle.

to celebrate mother's day with my mum, i headed down to the country for the weekend for a visit.
on saturday, once it stopped raining, mum and i picked ALL of the tomatoes left on the tomato plants in her vegie garden.

it didn't take us long to fill not one, but TWO 10 litre buckets.
we also took the time to clear the stripped vines out of the bed too.
poor mum was a little upset once we had, it was all empty and it looked really odd after the mass amounts of tomatoes, beans and snow peas that were growing in there all summer!

we got to washing all of the tomatoes, and cutting, and slicing and salting.
i'm using this recipe from brenda and i really hope it turns out ok!
there's so many days worth of preparation before it'll be ready, that i won't know how they've gone until thursday!

i'm on my third day of salting and tomorrow, i'm soaking the tomatoes in vinegar. i think i might split off a little bit and put them in lemon juice... just to see what happens ha ha!
thankfully, with the amount of tomatoes i have, i've got plenty to experiment with!

can't wait for them to be done!

how do you use up leftover tomatoes? are you a pickle fan?

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