Wednesday, May 7, 2014

green love.

autumn is a bit of a slow time of year in the growing thing stakes, but all the same, things are happening around here and that's making me smile.

a few weeks ago now, i popped some broad beans in where my tomatoes were, and one little plant has popped his head up.

i actually planted four seeds, but have only seen evidence of one popping up so far... might need to move this out from under the eaves so it can benefit from the rain we've been having...
there's also a couple of garlic leaves popped up too, four beans in a square formation, and a garlic clove in the middle!
i'm hoping the possums might stay away if there's garlic in the mix!

my tomato plants out the front have well and truly done their dash.

time to rip them out and pop some more broad beans in for sure! maybe tomorrow morning before work... these two guys have been my only two productive tomato plants here at home, one big black russian from the left and half a dozen little romas from the right. not the best haul, but the ones that are at mum's make up from it!
last time i was there, her plants were LADEN with fruit. being a bit late in the season, most of that fruit won't ripen, but thankfully brenda posted her recipe for pomodoro verdi the other day which will use up some of that un-ripe fruit and make some room in mum's patch!
fingers crossed she hasn't already pulled them all out and given them to the chooks!

one of my lovely work colleagues made a trip to brunswick the other day and came back with these beauties for me!

he was so sweet to think of me while he was out and about, i'm so grateful!
i also can't wait to get some of these guys in the ground! i've never had rainbow chard before so i'm super keen to see how it goes!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? are you a rainbow chard fan? what do you do with un-ripe tomatoes?

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