Monday, May 12, 2014

meal planning monday.

another week of meals ahead... but neat meals for the first couple of days...
bb and i are scheduled to have a rental inspection on wednesday afternoon, and he has cleaned the living daylights out of the stove top over the weekend (legend!) and i most definitely do NOT want to mess it up again!

tonight, bb is catching up with his brother for dinner, so i'll be having a nice, neat meal of toasted sandwiches. they mean i don't have to go anywhere near the stove top, and i have all of the ingredients in the house so won't have to go shopping either. perfect.

tomorrow night, imma whip up jamie's chicken and spinach cannelloni, but instead of chicken, i'll use pork. we have SO much leftover roast pork in the freezer! i'll put together the tomato sauce in a pan with a LID so i don't mess up the stove top ha ha!

wednesday night, i'll be celebrating having the house inspection over by going to ncb and not cooking anything and therefore not messing up the stove top for another night (you may have gotten the hint by now that our stove top is very rarely THIS clean...) huzzah!!

thursday night, i've got plans to finish up the green tomato pickles (more about that tomorrow...) i started over the weekend, and i've got some red tomatoes that need to be made into sauce too. i'm thinking i might whip up some pasta to have with them. tomatoes galore!

friday, i'm working late, so i'll get a curry a-cooking in the slow cooker before i leave. should be delicious by the time i get home!

i'm working all weekend long this week, so i'll leave bb to look after the cooking. he's whipped up some very impressive roasts the last couple of sundays so i can't wait to see what he comes up with!

what are you eating this week? is your stove top ever spotless?

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Lyndel said...

sounds like you have a good plan. Cooktop is cleanish, but then there is only me, and I don't cook tooooo much.