Monday, May 19, 2014

meal planning monday.

a busy week just gone, and another ahead, best get on to meal planning!

tonight, i'll cook up some pork steaks. bb went a little overboard with his shopping for meals over the weekend, so these are spare. they shan't go to waste though and i think i'll serve them up with some steamed pak-choy... i realised the little leaves that were popping up here, weren't spinach as i first thought, but pak-choy! a win either way really, though i should scatter some spinach seed around the place too!

tomorrow night, i'll be digging into the freezer, and pulling out some turkey mince! and then hopefully i'll finally get around to making this.

wednesday night, i'll roast up some salmon fillets, served with some chips and a nice rocketty salad. yum!

thursday night, i'll throw together jamie's "slow-roasted pork ragu" using leftovers from the freezer.

friday, bb and i are flying off to sydney for the weekend! i'm attending the official graduation for my cert iv on friday night and it should be awesome! then we're staying an extra night just for fun!

any suggestions of things to do in sydney on a saturday? what are you eating this week?

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