Monday, June 30, 2014

meal planning monday.

back to work today after my little farm holiday, so best get back into the swing of meal-planning too!

bb and i had a bit of a grocery session on saturday, and a wee cook up yesterday so we are SET for lunches for a little while AND the freezer is well stocked with lots of yummy food to cook!

tonight, i'll pop a roast chicken in the oven as soon as i get home from work. lots of vegies. maybe some gravy? yum!

tomorrow night, i'm off to my first ballet lesson! i'm so excited! and i'm more excited because bb is going to cook! chicken and leek soup, using the leftover chicken (and carcass) from tonight. 1 chicken, many meals. love it! i'm hoping to have some bread ready to bake so he can do that too!

wednesday, i'll use up some of the last of the roast pork stash in the freezer and whip up jamie's pork ragu. it'll go nicely with some toasted leftover bread from last night.

thursday night, i'll throw this pasta dish together. hopefully. i've mentioned it in a few meal planning posts but it hasn't happened yet. maybe this week will be the week!

friday night, i'm working late. this week, instead of making the slow-cooker do the hard work, bb will be on the task. again! roasted salmon fillets. with a few chippies and some braised cabbage and bacon (bb bought 38093248 cabbages while i was away to make a big batch of chow mein. we will be eating cabbage for weeks!). should be delicious!

the saturday just gone, bb and i whipped up some home-made burgers to satisfy our weekend junk food cravings. this weekend, i think home-made pizzas will be on the cards. can't wait!

sundays, bb and i are aiming to do a little bit of a cook up, setting us up for lunches for the week ahead. this week, bb will be in charge of a big batch of pad thai. super excited as it's definitely one of my favourites. yum!

what are you eating this week? do you batch cook so you have leftovers for lunches? what is your favourite thing to make a big batch of?

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Michelle said...

I definitely batch cook. Burger patties, sausage rolls, soups and casseroles mostly. Sometimes I will cook larger meals on a weeknight and freeze the extras. Usually I can get three meals out of one cook.

Love the sound of your menu for the week!