Thursday, May 1, 2014


oh heck. that snuck up quickly hey? it is MAY!

i don't think i will ever quite get over the speed at which the weeks and months go and go and go.

my main goal for april was to knit a whole bunch of beanies!
i managed 3. only one of which is destined to go off to the beanie festival. OOOOOOOOOOOOPS!
the other two were for a test knit, which i will share as soon as i'm allowed to!
i also made a start on the socks that i mentioned, i've knit up one for my cousin (that i think is most definitely too small) and half a sock for myself too (which i'm hoping and praying is the right size, swatching anyone? when will i learn?).

oh, i also managed to have my big stash sort, and work away on my knit-a-long piece!

i will definitely get my beanie stuff sorted this month, as they need to be in alice springs by the end of the month! as well as hopefully finishing off all of the projects i'm currently working on... 2 pairs of socks, a test-knit cowl and the above little baby cardigan.
i'm also hoping to get some more seeds planted in my little greenhouse, as well as planting out what's in there at the moment.
as well, i've been eyeing off georgie's blankie, and as i found quite a few bits and pieces of 8 ply in my stash sort last week, i'm thinking i might need to start one of my own!

what are your plans for this month? what are you knitting at the moment?

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Sally said...

Plans for this month... To do more. Mote of everything. April just seemed to slip away. Looking forward to seeing the beanies. That baby knit looks uber cute... Is it a self striping yarn?