Monday, April 28, 2014

meal planning monday.

after bb cooked for us last week (one of the exhibits is below, rolled and roasted pork loin, so DELICIOUS!), i'm ready to get back in the meal planning saddle again!

tonight, bb is meeting up with his brother for dinner, so i'm having some home-made bread, with some home-grown tomatoes sliced up on top. oh and cheese. always cheese.

tomorrow night, i guess i should cook some real food. maybe a chicken curry. yep, yum.

wednesday night is ncb night! i'll grab some dinner there and leave bb to fend for himself.

i'm working late on thursday so i'll throw some chuck into the slow cooker and cook up some pasta before i leave for work.

friday night, i have the night off! yahoo! tres exciting! plans, we have none! so i might whip up this salad, i meant to a couple of weeks ago but it never happened.

saturday, bb and i are heading to a birthday afternoon tea, i'm sure we won't feel like eating as there is bound to be tonnes of delicious food there! perhaps we can throw together some kind of mezze platter. with cheese, obviously.

sunday night, i'm thinking a roast. roast chicken to be specific. lots of green vegies. perfect.

what are you eating this week? are you a cheese fan too?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just had a big bowl of homemade barley and bean soup with oregano bread. Yummy! Have a great week. Tammy