Wednesday, April 23, 2014

green love.

i flipped the lid on my green house, to share what's growing under there at the moment!

a veritable swathe of green! so exciting!

there are little onions sticking their heads up!

while at mum and dad's on the weekend, i convinced mum that the best place to grow onions would be the chookyard!
these little guys will be getting some slightly bigger pots soon, and then heading back to the farm on mother's day weekend to be planted out in the chookyard. they'll be out of the way, and free to grow and grow and grow!

i've also got some little cauliflower seedlings poking their heads up!

mum is intending to refill her vegie garden with chook manure and some fresh dirt and let it settle over the winter months, so i'm not entirely sure where these guys will live...
i intend to repot them though, to give them a little bit more growing room while i work it out!

there are also a whole heap of cuttings hanging out in my little green house too!

rosemary, ivy and lavender!
i've got to get some rose cuttings happening too!
bb and i are in the process, the very beginnings, of looking for our first house to buy. and i want to make sure i'm not leaving my plants behind when we eventually move out!

aaaaaaaaaand there's these guys...

in my last seed purchase, i popped some nice organic garlic bulbs in my basket too! their little heads have popped up, and once again, i can't wait to harvest. only 2803702149 months to go right?
there are also a couple of spinach leaves popping up too! this was where i grew my modest little spinach patch last year, there must have been a few seeds floating around still as i certainly haven't planted any more!
oh, and way in the background there, is bb's chilli plant! i don't think we'll harvest anything off it this year, as it is WAY too late (and possums, bloody possums!) but it's a nice bit of greenery. and bb remains hopeful!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? are you planning your winter crops? or are you heading into spring?

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