Monday, April 21, 2014

not meal planning monday.

strange right? but this week, bb is home from work on holidays, which means he's in charge of the cooking!
he does have a rough plan of what he's going to cook, but nothing set in stone. i'm just excited not to have to worry about it! i'll be coming home from work the next two days to a cooked dinner! can't wait!

so while there's no meal planning happening here tonight, i thought i'd share some pictures and stories from the last couple of weeks... i definitely haven't been blogging as much as i'd like, so i've got some catching up to do!

i'm super excited as i've propagated my first succulent!

these little jelly beans fell off a plant i was transplanting so i popped them straight back into the pot they came out of! very cool!

bb and i have been hanging out for mondays...

my favourite show at the moment... not going to lie, we're about to watch the newest episode now!

i spent a night on the farm over the weekend, and mum gave me these!

they were destined for the op-shop but one of mum's friends asked if i'd like them, and well, my mum knows me well!
think i'll be sharing some of the projects that have made their way onto my to-do list from these babies!

good friday saw me throwing together my first ever batch of these....

hot cross buns! i used this recipe, but didn't include any sultanas... because i didn't have any!
they were pretty delicious, and lovely and fragrant.

one of my lovely friends celebrated a birthday last week, so i picked her up a little something i knew she'd get some use out of...

now i keep looking at this mess...

and thinking how nice it would look all wound up into cute and compact yarn cakes!
might need to buy myself one too!

and finally, i'm eagerly hanging out for the next non-clue for this non-mystery knit-a-long!

i love georgie's patterns, and i love the way this is looking already!

have you grown succulents before? do you watch game of thrones? does your partner cook dinner sometimes? do you have a yarn winder? are you knitting along with georgie too?

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Lea said...

Oh so much goodness in this post. I am with you on the cooking. I loathe deciding and thinking about it. Mostly because with a family of five I can't keep all members happy unless it's spag bol hehe. Big GOT fans here too. Jon Snow swoon