Monday, April 14, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday again! the speed at which these weeks are flying by is scary!

tonight, i'm going to whip up this recipe! it should be light and delicious and refreshing, and be good for lunches for the next couple of days too!

tomorrow night, i'll throw together some meatballs. quick and effortless. perfection!

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer and cook up some pasta ready for bb when he gets home, i'll eat at ncb! yahoo!

thursday night, i'll grill up some roo burgers! will hopefully get the chance to bake some bread to sandwich them between too...

friday, i'm NOT working late as it's good friday. i'm not working at all! huzzah! i'm hoping for a super lazy day at home, getting a little bit of housework done, and hopefully getting something in the slow cooker early in the day!

saturday night, after work, i'll be heading down to visit mum and dad. another holiday on sunday means another day off from work, so i'll be getting in some farm time! huzzah! can. not. wait!

what are you eating for the week? do you have plans for the easter long weekend?

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