Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sizing up.

i feel like i've made quite a few beanies over the years... but i still can't seem to get the silly things sized correctly.

first, there were my christmas knitting fails, which were only fails because they were too damn small!

and then there's the beanie i started last week... over the weekend, i finished off the last of the ribbing and got the crocheted top done too!

it looks great, but it's most likely too small for the recipient! oops!

this pattern was reverse-engineered, at request, by looking at a beanie the recipient already owns... and i followed the pattern that i 'saw' to the letter... not thinking about the gauge of the wool used in the original piece!

oh well, onwards and upwards...

the ribbing is cast on, and finished again. with a dozen or so more stitches to hopefully fix the sizing problem...

how do you go sizing your projects? do you make everything a little small like me too?

edit: last night i had a dream that i was wearing the beanie, and it stretched out like crazy and was enormous. what the heck brain?


Betsy said...

I love, love, love this beanie. When you get it figured out will you post the pattern for us?


Sally said...

Generally not well. Starting to learn that bigger is better so that my mob can grow into stuff. S

kgirlknits said...

It's a very cool little beanie!

I'm the biggest hypocrite saying this, cos I'll do anything to avoid swatching for accessories, but math is your friend when reverse engineering (or just engineering!) gauge swatches...PITA, but a necessary step.

Hope the up-sizing does the trick :-)

Ana BC said...

Your hat is super cool! I love that you combined knitting and crochet :-)