Thursday, February 27, 2014

my creative space.

this week, for the last time in hopefully a little while, i'm working on hexies!
i counted out the number of hexies i had cut out, ready to be basted, and realised i was 20 papers short!

so this morning, out came some card stock, the scissors, a pencil and a ruler.
and now...

everything is set out, and ready to go!
i've got 120 hexies left to baste by the end of the month, which is TOMORROW! eep!

i'm not going to lie, i'll be happy to have a break from them for a while, and get back to some knitting and crochet ha ha!

what are you creating this week? are you joining in with koo too?


Betsy said...

My you are industrious! I'll look forward to hearing that you made your goal of finishing by tomorrow. Although you could always pretend you lived near me and that would give you another day. :-)

Kirsty said...

You have been busy. I've actually got a hex project I shelved last year & you've inspired me to revisit it. Thank you.