Monday, February 24, 2014

meal planning monday.

last week's meal plan, thankfully went mostly to plan! hopefully i can keep it up this week and in the weeks ahead!

tonight, we're having leftovers! not exciting, i know! but our fridge is FULL of food to take for lunches, and there's not quite enough lunches in the week!

tomorrow night, bb has requested that is what i shall cook! i'll make sure that skin is nice and crispy and will serve it up with lots of salad!

wednesday night, is ncb night. i'll make sure bb has something to cook up for himself as i'll be having dinner there! can't wait!

thursday night, i'm working late. my night's have changed this week, but it still means the same things... the slow-cooker will be doing all the work! i'm thinking of whipping up this bad boy. hopefully it works out ok!

friday night, i'll grab some chops out of the freezer, grill them up, and serve them with some salad! simple and easy!

saturday night, i've requested that bb whips up a pot of his delicious bolognaise! i'll be at work during the day, so he'll have plenty of time!

and sunday, bb has requested home-made salt and pepper calamari! hope we can find some good stuff, and then do it justice by cooking it to perfection!

what are you eating this week? do you ever have leftovers for dinner?

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Megan said...

When I do a big cook up of something that isn't just something-and-salad it usually gets eaten for lunch and dinner the next day and anything that's more than that left over gets put into the freezer on the first night because I'm not supposed to eat left overs older than a day. I don't often do a big cook during Summer though, only when MR is around and I want to send him home with leftovers so he doesn't have to cook when he is busy working 12hr days.

How do you deal with deciding on the night that you don't want to eat what you planned 3 nights ago? That's my biggest problem when I tried meal planning (for 2 whole weeks :P )