Tuesday, April 30, 2013

and so it ends...

a month of blogging and photo taking and many other things...
if there's one thing having something to photograph everyday has done, it's been to make this month go super quickly!!!

today's a a month of prompt is multicoloured.

so i thought i'd share this little snippet of my big granny square.
it's a mostly neutral coloured blankie, with a couple of rows of this multicoloured wool
it spices it up a little bit ha ha!

in terms of my goals for the month, i think i did ok...
there was definitely lots of meal planning, but not much bread making... i did put together a sourdough starter, but i'm not sure with how it's coming along.
plus, i'm not sure that i can handle the responsibility of another thing to feed ha ha!

the granny stripe has come along in leaps and bounds

but i barely did a skerrick of home work!
my oven got a great clean, and i made it to a couple of pilates classes (though not as many as i wanted to...)
my lunches got a little creative, but only towards the end of the month...
i got one of the beanies finished, and definitely got my blog on but no new pj pants for me!
maybe next month huh?

i also got knitting on some dishcloths last night

i always forget how differently cotton knits up compared to wools, the change is good though!

do you think this month has gone super quickly too? how did you go with your monthly goals if you made them?

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Polly said...

Well high five to you and I think you did great.