Monday, April 29, 2013

meal planning monday.

i'm very lucky to have today off from work, and i'm going to use it to my full advantage...
once my meal plan is sorted, i'll pop over to the shops and get everything that i need, and then come back and get some prep done too!
as well as dinner's this week, i'm going to try and get some foods prepped for breakfasts and lunches too!!
spicy chicken noodle for lunch and little breakfast muffins to grab on the go!
oh, and i should do something with the sad looking bananas in the fruit bowl too! banana bread? i think so!

tonight, bb has put in a request for lamb. seeing as i'll be home all day, and the oven will be on for most of it, a roast will be perfect. maybe even a roasted rack... it's been ages!

tomorrow night, i'm NOT at home all day unfortunately... hopefully my local butcher will have some nice looking steaks, which i'll pair with some wilted cabbage with onion and bacon and maybe some steamed green beans. yum!

wednesday night, i'll pop on some teriyaki chicken. again, it's been an age and it really is super delicious!

thursday night, i think i'll grab a mini kangaroo roast out of the freezer, two roast dinners in a week, why not? it'll be the perfect thing to throw together, and then leave to cook for 45 minutes while i get other stuff sorted!

friday night, i'm going to pop some ribs in the slow cooker, like i did last fortnight. they were SO yummy! the perfect meal to start the weekend after a long night at work.

plans are minimal for saturday and sunday at this stage... but i do have a lovely lady popping in for dinner on saturday night. i think i'll spend the day being a homebody and put together a pot of delicious slow cooked bolognaise. and maybe i'll even whip up some fresh bread... we'll see how i'm feeling ha ha!

sunday, i've already made some plans in my head, to get myself organised for NEXT week foodwise. i'll make sure there's something delicious for us to grab and go for breakfast, and whip something up for lunches as well.
oh and i'll probably organise dinners for the week too... well that's the idea anyway. i guess only time will tell ha ha!

today's a month of prompt is tan

i thought i'd share the shoes i bought myself a few weeks ago. i went into the shop, with the intention of only buying myself new shoes for work, and walked out with these too... when they're this adorable, and more than half price, how's a girl to resist?

how do you go buying shoes? what are you eating this week? how do you go with organisation?


Lea said...

New shoes are very cute. Tonight we had Spanish sausages and rosemary potatoes both oven roasted...and organisation and I don't go that well together. I do okay for the first couple of weeks of the month and then it falls by the wayside. I am however loving my big girl cooking dinner on Sunday nights. I have never thought to do a roo roast. I haven't had it in years and I've never cooked it myself.

Polly said...

I am a sucker for a new pair of shoes.