Saturday, April 20, 2013

friday night knitting.

tonight, when i got home from work, pyjamas were promptly donned. knitting was pulled from my bag and stitching progressed post-haste!

today was one of those days, that from the moment i woke up, all i wanted to do was to get my stitch on, and this morning, i did everything but...

a quick shower, a doctors appointment, two loads of washing, a whirlwind tidy up of the house, bread baking, pasta bake cooking, slow cooker preparations, oh and a load of dishes!
it was a busy morning, but not in the ways i wanted it to be!

but tonight, tonight i got to do exactly what i wanted to!

last night, i finished up the ribbing, and i find that once that ribbing is done... things move along a LOT quicker!
particularly with this pattern... the triangle pattern is 10 rows in total, and i can't possibly stop knitting halfway through the pattern repeat...

also, today's a month of prompt is beige

well i guess it's yesterday's prompt now...
when exactly did it get so late?!? no wonder i'm exhausted!

happy saturday everyone!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Last week whizzed by for me as did yesterday, the first day of our weekend. I do wish weekends lasted longer. Glad you got some stitchy time. Best wishes, Tammy

Mistea said...

Definitely no stopping before the pattern is complete! I hooked up a hat on Thursday night after work and then it was Friday.
All that food preparation sounds delicious.

Polly said...

Isn't it always the way, that when there is something that you just want to do, everything else gets in the way.