Tuesday, April 2, 2013

meal planning tuesday.

just doesn't have the same ring to it huh?

it's been a few weeks since i played along... but this month i'm hoping to get a meal plan in EVERY week! 5 mondays in april = 5 meal plans! wish me luck?

tonight, i've got pilates plans with a friend, which means i'll need something that i can cook quickly and easily and that i can reheat when i get home... chicken pad thai sounds perfect! i haven't cooked it in an age!

tomorrow night, there're two bananas that desperately need to become a loaf of banana bread. while i'm whipping that up, i'll throw together some meatballs. easy, delicious and served with wholemeal spaghetti and some greens, relatively healthy to boot!

thursday night, i'll grill up some steaks, whip up some garlic butter and throw together a steak. yum!

friday night is my late night at work so i'll leave the slow-cooker in charge... i cam across this recipe for teriyaki chicken (via pinterest, of course!) so i might give that a whirl! hopefully it comes out ok!

i have the whooooole weekend off from work with NO plans! i'm hoping to have a super productive day on saturday, lots of cleaning, lots of cooking and baking, lots of de-cluttering and organising and hopefully even a spot of gardening.
then i'm hoping to spend allllllll day sunday relaxing. pyjamas will be staying on! it will be the best!

oh, and today's prompt for the a month of challenge is grey...

so here are my two favourite grey things... my nice warm slippies, and my laptop. i'd be lost without the two of them!

what are your favourite grey things? what are you eating this week? have you made a meal plan?

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