Monday, April 8, 2013

meal planning monday.

on time this week! well, kind of... i have grand intentions of getting these meal planning posts done in advance, never happens!

tonight, i've got some chicken teriyaki in the slow cooker. i'm at the hairdressers though so i'll have to wait until i'm home to enjoy it! hopefully it's yummy!
i did have it planned for last friday, but we had a heap of leftover dumplings from thursday night so we ended up having that on friday night!

tomorrow night, i think i'll whip up some carbonara! there's leftover bacon in the fridge that needs to be used, but we're out of parmesan! i'll have to put that on the shopping list!

wednesday night, i'm off to craft with some lovely ladies so i think i'll grab dinner out. the cafe that we frequent is under new management and they have an all new menu! i was absolutely drooling over it last time we were there!

thursday night, i might throw together a risotto. it's been AGES! chicken, spinach, fetta. perfection.

friday night is my late night at work, so i'm thinking i'll pop something in the slow cooker... maybe a curry! sounds good! this one looks delish! though i mayyy have to restock some of my spices...

saturday night will definitely be bb's department. i'm working all weekend! hopefully something delicious!

sunday, again, i'll leave up to bb. i might put in a suggestion of a roast. it's been a while...

today's a month of prompt is peach.
and this is my favourite peach coloured item ;)

my whole life is in this little book!!

what are you cooking this week? is there anything that you haven't cooked in ages? what's your favourite peach coloured thing?

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Polly said...

I didn't meal plan this week, but I must get back Into it, it makes life so much easier. Is a pork stirfry tomorrow might though.