Tuesday, April 16, 2013


is today's a month of prompt.

i snapped a quick picture of my snoozing kitty, snuggled up to my navy bamcal blankie.
i'm still working on getting it finished... one day it will have a big ta-da post. maybe.

today was a pretty great day off from work for me.
i took another little trip to run the 1000 steps in the dandenongs, though there wasn't much running done, there was mainly walking. very slow walking ha ha!
i also got a whole heap of housework done, dealt with more hot water service issues (gah!) and worked another couple of rows onto my granny stripe. it's coming along verrrrrry slowly, but covering a little bit more lap with each back and forth row.
though i put it down for a bit this evening and cast on another beanie. a little different to the one currently on my needles.
it's the terzetto pattern, and i've pinched some wool from my granny stripe blankie, the grey one, to knit it up.
it's a little gift for a gent who found himself with a little less hair atop his head over the weekend...

i also came across this website today, after the adorable creature above destroyed his third power cable! suuuuuch a turd!

how was your tuesday? do you have any aaaaalmost finished, un-finished projects? any great ideas on how to keep kitties from destroying powercords?

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