Monday, April 1, 2013


goodbye march. hello april.
i don't even want to talk about how quickly march went... i feel like i've lost a month!

i feel like i did ok with last month's goals...
i've got two beanies on the needles, about to be cast off, my laptop is fully operational once more, i caught up on my assignments a bit while i was in sydney (more on that later...), and have big plans to catch up even more, i managed half a stripe on my granny stripe (pitiful i know...) and not only did i make garden plans... i got them implemented! i'm so happy with how it's coming together! i'll share that soon too, i hope!

now, onto april!

i'm quite excited to join in with the a month of challenge. the theme this month is colour! it's been ages since i joined in...

today's prompt is red!

so here's a RED biscuit tin, repurposed to hold the bulk amount of fish oil i bought from the health food shop! why is it always cheaper to buy 123709234 of something?

i'll be back tomorrow to share my meal plans for the week... we're having cheese, bread and smallgoods for dinner tonight, not worth putting on the meal plan ha!

what are you up to this month? are you playing along with the a month of challenge? what are you having for dinner?


Polly said...

No challenge for me, I figure I have enough challenges without adding to it! We had a baked chicken with fresh bread rolls tonight. Is my husbands favourite. He is not an advocate for veggies!!
All that fish oil, amazing!

Tammy said...

Happy April to you! Yep, somehow I blinked and March was over. Unbelievable! Just had salad and homemade spicy pita chips for dinner. :) That's a load of fish oil supplements. Wowsers! Have a great week. Tammy