Wednesday, April 24, 2013

makin' over.

last thursday, i posted a picture (as part of the a month of challenge) of a little ikea stool i had ideas about fancying up over the weekend

well after a very lazy day on saturday, i pulled on my motivated boots on sunday!

i pulled the tops off the stools and gave the bases a couple of coats of white paint
while they were drying, i raided my vintage fabric stash for some suitably sized pieces and then, after a quick press, glued them onto the tops!

fast forward a couple of drying hours and...


two completely made over stools!

i absolutely love how they turned out! but i am a little worried the fabric will get destroyed... i painted them up with a thick layer of PVA on top but i think they might need a gloss varnish or something.

oh, and today's a month of prompt is gold

a close up of my new glasses. I LOVE them!!

any suggestions on protecting fabric topped stools? have you performed any furniture make-overs recently?


planettreasures said...

I love what you have done with the stools. It's a great way to personalise those IKEA stools.

bec said...

Love the stools! You could get some Mod Podge, which is like a sealer, or some clear vinyl and staple gun it over the fabric?

Polly said...

They are super cute. I like the idea of the vinyl. Easy to clean too.