Monday, December 19, 2011

day 19.

on the 19th day of christmas, i received my final piece of bunting from rach's bunting swap. i thought the last piece wasn't actually coming seeing as how the swap was aaaaaages ago, but it arrived today, with a postmark of 26/10/11. seriously. step up your game australia post!

anywho, i thought i'd share this little flag with you, oh and the other two that i've received since my last bunting post. i've been soo very slack and haven't shared them yet! bad nicole!!

these one are from (from right to left) leonie, cyndy and yaga. thanks ladies! i love them :D

now that i've received them all, maybe i'll get them all sewn together and in proper bunting formation :D maybe tomorrow even... i've got plans to get my machine out to do some (very last minute) christmas sewing. i've just remembered a promise i made to my brother and bb about a project i was working on last year...

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Bron said...

I love bunting! A swap is such a good idea!